July 7, 2021

What You Wish for May Be Closer Than You Think

Good morning dear friend. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. One full of rest, good company, love, and laughter.   The past few weeks have been hectic. […]
February 3, 2021

The Thrill of Peace

A lovely day is my heartfelt wish for you. I am writing this on a glorious Saturday. The sky is azure blue, and the mountain air […]
December 6, 2020

About Joy

I have been thinking about joy for a few years. In the beginning, it was a whisper that there was more to it than credited. Then […]
November 25, 2020

Friday Freedom

I remember feeling the relief my body and mind would start to have on Friday mornings. The chest was a little more open. Breathing a little […]
October 28, 2020

Freedom from Judgment

A few months ago, I came across this quote: “I just want to say thank you to the few people in my life who have listened […]